Kale chips

So my girlfriend Ang told me about these ” Kale chips”  a while back. They sounded delish and uber healthy, but I forgot about them until I was twitter stalking Tenley Molzahn  ( O.K yes, I confess I am a bachelor, bachelorette, and  bachelor pad junkie – don’t judge ) she posted a recipe about them,  and in a pregnancy like state I needed them, like – now. ( No I’m not pregnant ) So 15 minutes before the local market store closed I packed up the kids and grabbed meself some bunches of Kale.

I am happy to report they were worth it! With minimal effort you get a tasty, healthy snack.

So Good night ya’ll I am gonna watch a movie, eat some Martha Stewart coconut bars and hope  some kale chips cancel them out.

So wash, and dry the kale well. Then rip off bite size pieces from the stem.
Lay out on cookie sheet and preheat oven to 350
LIGHTLY sprinkle some olive oil and sea salt over leaves
** I used coarse salt but next time I wouldn't...
Place in the oven for 10 minutes, watching carefully because they can burn fast. Then, ENJOY!!!

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    Been wanting to try these for awhile. I take this as my “sign” to do it! Besides, you make it sound so easy. Now I have to look up that coconut bar recipe 😉

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