Kelle Hampton book club party

I first stumbled across Kelle Hampton’s blog a year and a half ago.  I read Nella’s story and I cried harder than I had cried in a long time. It changed me. I thought I was the only person in Abbotsford who knew of her, until I discovered many friends I knew were also on the Enjoying the small things band wagon as well.  During my “pumping days”  her blog kept me company.  I started from the beginning at her first blog entry, and it was like reading a good novel, that never has a ending, quite frankly to me, that’s the best kind of book 😉
Her blog has changed the way I parent, how I live my life and continues to inspire me  every:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday 😉
My friend Kacey even made up WWKHD? ( what would Kelle Hampton do? )  And a lot of days I do think – what would she do??

She announced her book was being released and with that came incentives. Buy 10 copies and get a 30 minute skype session. Sign me up for that!!! I immediately messaged my fellow Kelle Hampton lovers and the process began. I still can’t believe we managed to organize 11 women’s schedules around work, school, kids,  C-section date and nursing babies – but we did!!!!

And since Kelle always plans the most amazing parties, I knew we had to do it up right, because really, WWKHD?!
So I channeled  my inner party planner, read Tori Spelling’s new book
And we had ourselves a wonderful night!

Party ideas from Nella’s first birthday
 Most of all my party decor is from my good friend Cindy 

Take home for the ladies  a fresh Peony from my good friend Adrienne‘s local business

Tori Spelling party planning tip: carnations: Bunch this affordable, hardy flower together and no one will ever guess it is one, LOVE.

Left: Extremely expensive terrible tasting French macaroons from Holtz.
Right: Nicole using her great technology skills and setting us up to skype!

Beautiful baby London! So excited I got to meet this lil darling finally, she was a angel the entire night 🙂


Everyone brought a dish, Nicole was forced to bring her famous Jamie oliver appy, and all diets were off for the night.

And then – She was there!!!!!!!!!
– Kacey living out her dream!!!!
We had a really good time…….

Asking questions.. Dang my family and friends are beautiful!! 

Is this real life!?????
We got to meet Nella and Lainey, I almost cried.

Below left: Having a out of body experience,
Right: My  face thinking ” Oh my gosh I can’t believe we’re talking to Kelle Hampton!! ” 

Showing her the decor because I knew she would appreciate it 😉 – Thank-you Cindy for the pics of me 🙂

Side note: That’s Sangria in the punch bowl, and my my it was goood!
New friends and old friends (  Nicole is having her baby next week!! )To all the ladies who came, THANK-YOU!!!! It was special because you all were there too.
I can’t believe we pulled this off!!
Crossing it off the bucket list, and going to bed with giddy, happy feelings 😉

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    Garcy Fry

    Looks like you guys had a very memorable time. I will have to pick this book up!

  2. Reply


    I can relate to your Kelle obsession. Jealous you got to do this. And omg I’ve often said WWKHD?? Also, the is this real life phrase..they say that on Cosmo radio on Sirius. If you don’t listen you should. Loved the pics!!!

    1. Reply


      Haha the ” is this real life” is from a youtube video I think.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Reply

    Cindy Dueck

    Well the beautiful host/photographer needs some beautiful photos too 🙂 xo thanks for the fun night! loved it

  4. Reply


    That is the best book club/skype party yet. You are quite the hostess and I love the carnation idea. Looked beautiful!

    1. Reply


      Thanks Heather!!! It was so fun 🙂

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    Cute book club/skype party. You cracked me up for two reasons, one is that I have thought about WWKHD also….which is just hilarious…and two, I love Tori Spelling and have been itching to get my hands on her new book.

    I met KH at her book signing in Naples, which is where I am from. She could not have been nicer…I have read her blog since before Nella was born (because of the Naples/fellow Mommy connection)…after meeting her, I liked her even more.

    Beautiful pictures!

    1. Reply


      Thanks Ashley! That’s so cool you got to meet her in person. My Grandma lives in Naples, what a beautiful place to live. During our dreary B.C winters her sunny photos make me happy. It’s so neat that one person can inspire thousands, her book is amazing too 🙂
      Thanks again for the comment

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