10 months

This was a hard month for me. A new year, and my baby rollin into double digits. This time last year I was excited for the new year and what it would bring. I was 30 weeks pregnant at this point, my nesting in full affect ( one of the many things I love  about being preggers ) and knowing that my new baby would be here before I knew it, left me well…  happy to bid well to 2012.

So here we are,  my baby girl is 10 months old.  She’s sweet like sugar, and lucky for me looks more like a 6 month old, so hopefully her ” babyness” stays around a lil longer.  And in the meantime, I’m trying to busy my myself with planning her first birthday and look forward to the little things, like her walking, top knots, pushing baby strollers, doing mother/ daughter things  and playing and running along side her big brothers.

Happy 10 months to my baby, my frosting, my sweet honey veil <3

(On a sentimental note, this was my christening dress, made by my Mama. Dreams really do come true 🙂That reflex babies have when the wind/ or air blows in their face, one of my favourite little things 🙂