Harlan’s 1st birthday { A whimsical unicorn party }

I’ve been dreaming up her first birthday party ever since she was born and found some inspirations along the way that helped create some birthday magic this weekend.
I had initially actually planned to have the party outside ( I’ve had a winter wedding and ALL my kids parties outside,  why would I do this any different ! ?)  Then my sister in law came over one day and talked some sense into me, and I’m glad she did. Because it  snowed  the night before and all morning ( welcome to Canada ) and I’m actually lovin the indoor party thing now …
I was having a conversation with my girlfriend not long ago and we were talking about third babies and parties and I told her how – ” I’m not going over the top like I usually do, after three kids, I’m party – planned – out. ”
Then I continued to tell her how there was a real life unicorn coming and I realized I don’t know how to do things any other way. ( I’m working on it 😉
The magical unicorn ended up having to be cancelled, but I’m SO thankful for everyone who braved the snow and the roads just for us.
We truly do have the best family and friends.

Happy Birthday Harlan Veil Michelina, I hope you look back at photos,  and know just  how loved you are 🙂
– Goodie bags with a glitter “H” embossed with confetti popcorn inside.
Balloons from my girl, Confettiandsparklepartyshop 
Unicorn cookies and a beautiful cake that tastes as good as it looks the fabulous Jelly beans custom cakesI’ve said it once, I’ll say it twice, I never thought I would see the day when carnations and babies breath became trendy again.Unicorn cake toppers Gnome sweet gnome shop on etsy 
Handmade glitter “1”
I’ve always wanted to do a montage of the first year and pulled it together the morning of.Pin the horn on the unicorn, art by my darling husband. It’s actually almost impossible to get a decent picture of these 3. ( There was three people behind me trying to get them to look somewhat happy about it )Daddy and baby girl. Their bond is impeccable. Star piñata : Party city online
Fan: Confetti and sparkle party shop of course

One of my favourites from the day, thank you to Kevin for snapping these next shots for us 🙂Girlfriend gags on anything not pureed, but downed that cake like no ones business ( I’ve trained her well )