On motherhood.

I made it a goal to take photos of my babies this last month… I’m a crazy preserve the memories kind of person on a good day, but usually those moments fall in the hands of my iPhone and @Pictapgo ( Don’t get me wrong, they are an amazing modern day tool ) but nothing beats the capability of the ” big”  mother of- them -all camera.

I’m sure I’ll look back at these photos years from now and forget the mess and the stickiness in between these happy rectangular frames. Photography, social media is a funny thing…. And I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while…
I used to,  and sometimes still do fall victim to the whole ” look at their happy, perfect life” and wonder why my kid is screaming beside me  because I gave them the wrong coloured cup, when meanwhile another Mama’s kids are pictured all smiles, while eating ice cream in the sun.
( true story )

Although I do prefer to concentrate on the good and the beauty of every day, it’s a tricky thing… Because quite frankly, if I wanted to see a picture of a kid having a temper tantrum I could look within my own life and see it first hand.
I had a client the other day that follows me on instagram and she wondered how ” I do it all” and the question fell heavy on my heart.
Because I don’t.
Most days, I’m like any other Mom out there. I’m scrambling to keep my head above water, because most of the time I’m drowning in laundry, in messes, in babies that won’t let me put them down, in home work, and book bags and after school activites. In to – do lists that never seem to end no matter how hard I try….   In meals and tummy’s that never seem to be full,  in bills, in tiredness,  in mommy and wife and life guilt- – – because I could always give and do and be more.
( The list goes on and on, how long do you have? 😉

This may be falling on the verge of ” keepin it real” But it needed to be said.

With that I give you my imperfect life,  with the beauty of photography and the true gift that it really is to all of us- snap shots of the good things in between it all…  of a happy, joyous life.

Happy Mother’s day to all you Mama’s out there who truly do, ” do it all” in the knitty, gritty,  fundamental, best kind of motherhood ways.


Floral crown and dress by my amazing friend and fellow Mama- Arrow and Lace Designs