“Howdy Partner’s” – A cowboy party for Dion

I thought of this idea sometime last year, and I was just so excited to start planning it! All the ideas came together super easy, and I just think it is so cute, and perfect for my little baby boy!
And seriously, when it comes to weather and parties, I have good luck  “horseshoes.” It was bright and sunny, and just oh so perfect!
I bought most of the food and deserts, but I did make the smore pops, and since I didn’t want Dion to have a sugar overload with a sugar – icing cake,   I made a triple layer black forest cake with a whipping cream icing.
I saw the cake topper on Etsy, and I thought $30 was a bit over priced so I just made it myself!
I was going to rent ponies, which was gonna cost me a hefty amount. Then my girlfriend Kim said I could use her pony. It was perfect! And the kids just looved it!

Well… Except Dion, turns out the kid doesn’t like horses.. figures!I was in my glory!!!  I seriously couldn’t wipe the smile from my face! Horses have a place in my heart that will never go away!! Let the chaos begin!!!!
Time for cake!
Happy First Birthday my littlest, the day was perfect, just like you!

And seriously thank-you to everyone who came, we love you all!