My ” baby” is two.

“On the night you were born,
the moon shone with such wonder
that the stars peeked in
to see you
and the night wind whispered,
‘Life will never be the same.’

Because there had never been
anyone like you…
ever in the world.”
( Nancy Tillman. If you don’t know this book, you must buy it, I promise it will speak to your Mama soul and make you cry )

I was this.close. to not writing tonight.
I just finished hosting Dion’s second Birthday here today,  and if you remember, I tend to go overboard …. Which is probably the reason my back aches, and my eyes are burning, and my ears are ringing ( 20 kids under 6 will do that )
But I figure if I sit down, turn on the fire, sip on some David’s tea, I’m actually resting.
So here it goes….

It’s funny, I freak out every time a month passes their first year of life.
That first year they change so much, every month that passes they lose more and more of their babyness.
Plus I love babies, and it’s always sad for me to end that chapter..
Then after they turn one, I’m over it. I don’t always know exactly how many months and days they are .
14,16 months it all seems the same, sorta.
But of course I still treasure it and going through this second year I realized they’re still babies, at two they’re still babies. I can’t believe that Levi was this age when I had Dion. I thought he was soo big, and I feel bad for all the pressure I put on him to be  a ” big brother. ”
First and second born differences already starting to emerge!

I saw us grow as a family so much this year. I couldn’t wait for the boys to start to play together, and then as soon as they did, and they started fighting I wondered why I ever wanted it!
But really, besides playing referee most days, they get a long really well. Levi now has somebody besides me and Steve to entertain him. They like the same things, and of course I watch them and dream of them being BFF’s for the rest of their lives… maybe they will, maybe they won’t.
But for now, I’m so glad God blessed me with two little boys.

My schedule this week felt very busy, and I actually realized yesterday I never took Dion’s second year photos.
So the morning before pre-school yesterday I threw our gum boots and camera in the car, we dropped off Levi, and we had a DD and Mommy date at the pumpkin patch.
It’s amazing how different they act when they’re away from the other sibling.
He was quieter, sweeter, he knew it was special what we were doing and we had a special morning together.

Dee dee I can’t believe two years ago we spent our first night with you. I remember having this feeling of contentment. I remember feeling like I already knew who you were, and  what you were gonna be like. I bonded with you deeply and instantly.
I still cry when I hold you while you sleep.
I  treasure your coconut hair and golden angel wisps.
I love kissing the slope of your nose and your cushy lips.
I love your soft spoken lil baby voice.
I’ve learned to appreciate your  temper and strong will, because I tell myself  I’ll have to worry less,  knowing you can stand your own out there in this big ol World.

I have a feeling your gonna show me what the “terrible two’s” really are,  but until then,
Happy Birthday to my still official ” baby” of the family.