My loves, Life and everything bright.

I’ve promised myself that no matter how busy I get with photography I’ll make sure I take good  photos of my family ( not just low resolution cell phone pics ) and I’ve been good to my promise. I don’t try to over plan it, but when opportunity knocks I grab a hold!
Like when I bought the silver, sparkly chair for my entrance way,  and the creative monster that is inside of me cried out
” Vintage glam, with a dress and a field !! ” Or like last night when I was out for a run,  er walk,   just with Dion and I came across a field of purple flowers. I literally did a 360 and high tailed it back to my house, ran inside, grabbed some new clothes for him and headed back to where the purple flowers awaited me.
This is what I love about photography.
It’s about creating pieces of art.
That’s how I look at it anyways…