These are the good OL days…

Five months. Thats how long its been since my little Dion entered the World. 5 months means he’s not brand new and really little anymore, it means he’s going to be entering new stages that this Mommy just ain’t ready for yet!

I have a problem with change, always have. Those who know me well, know this about me.  And although I know I also wouldn’t want time to stand still, I think what I don’t like about change – or time moving forward, is that you can never go back. Whats done is done. I will never see either of my babies at this age. Ever. Again.

 I know we have heard it… ” It seems like yesterday… ” But when I look at Dion and the stage he is at now, I remember my Levi when he was this age, which –

 yes, really does seem like yesterday….

 I finally got the photo album I ordered today. Its from 2010 and I couldn’t believe how much Levi has  grown up! I felt almost guilty because I feel like – maybe I was too preoccupied with being pregnant that I didn’t really realize how little he still was. It’s funny because as they grow older you think they’re ” so big!” Its not until you look back that you remember,  just how little they really were.

 I ran into a elderly woman not long ago at the supermarket. And like most elderly Gramma types she wanted to see the baby. She said one thing to me that I think about all the time.
 she said;

” You know back in the day we had a lot of kids, 5 – 7,  it was really busy and now I always  think – Did I hold them enough? Did I look at their little feet?  and touch their little hands? ” It was a reminder to me to treasure every moment, savour every mile stone.

  look at their little feet 
and touch their little hands. 

 So that when I’m older I can feel confident knowing; Yes I held them as much as I could, 

I put each little piece of them into the memory bank 

but mostly I gave them every ounce of  Love I had.

 What wonderful words of wisdom…

Why is that whenever you look back on life its always seems better than when you lived it? Maybe its just me, I don’t know, but I think this all the time.
But really, THESE are the good ol days! Because I know now when I look back,  I won’t remember the crying, the whining, the hard work, the exhaustion…

I’ll just remember THEM.

hands, feet and all….