We got Dion dedicated at our church on Sunday.  It’s always a very special day for us.
 We felt so encouraged to do and be the best parents we can for him.  

Next two photos courtesy of Kevin Witmer ( thank-you )

When I looked over at our very large group of friends and family who came to support us, I couldn’t help but feel so very loved

Saying a prayer for him. We love you Pastor Dean!
  Now moving on to the celebration after at our place. All these pictures were taken in a mad rush before the service. As the whole family is loaded -up in the car my hubby comes in the house and says
 ” What are you doing?? – We gotta go!! ” 
Ok I’m always late. Today was NOT a day we could be late. We had to save seats for 25 people. And if I remember correctly we were late for Levi’s dedication.. 
BUT, I’m happy to report we were at church 15 minutes early!
(- After I jumped into the car and ripped my new dress half way up my leg –  I wore it anyways 😉 

My husband thought I was crazy because I started decorating two weeks before.

                                              ( I live for this party planning stuff ok .. 😉

 Vintage tea cups are on the top of my favorite things..

I was inspired by a blog I came across that had similar colors.. 

When I went to the fabric store and saw the two fabrics in the clearance section for a whopping $3.00 a yard I was pretty darn excited to start creating!! All I did was add little black bobble tassles to the ends and voila!

Poor Levi would wake up every morning and say ” Dion’s Party! ” as he walked past the table, set up with jars full of candy. He’s such a good boy he not once tried to get into it…

But on that day when he was finally allowed, I’m pretty sure I caught him at least 3 times in the candy jars..

 These were the favor bags everyone got to take home full of candy.
 I made everything home made, which included: Yellow and white Meringue, Macaroons, Lemon squares, Chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes and the good ol Dream bars
( thanks Mama Lil )

I had the idea to get everyone to write Dion a blessing. Then I would put it in his Keepsake box for him to read when he’s older. The only problem – I forgot to get everyone to do it!!!! 

 mmm Lemon water in pretty Christian Lacroix glass water bottles.
Thank-you to everyone who was there, and for those who couldn’t make it, I know  you were there in spirit!