1 Month and Beyond

Holy moly, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in 8 months ! ( Blame it on the twins )
When I rebranded over a year ago,  I slightly underestimated how much work it was gonna be. Throw in pregnant with twins  (  — About that, My bestie always laughs whenever she hears me say that because truly, what can trump ” pregnant with twins ” ok, besides pregnant with triplets etc.. but still .. ) Anywho, throw in pregnant with twins, then all of a sudden going from 3 kids to 5, life, work, blah blah blah  ( you get the picture ) and you end up here.

I’m gonna take you down memory lane with me, starting when the twins were only 4 weeks old, when things were lush and green and warm..
Seriously, take me back !!!

What dreams may become_0509What dreams may become_0508What dreams may become_0507What dreams may become_0506This is right about the time when all the kids were pretty much done with me.

What dreams may become_0505What dreams may become_0504What dreams may become_0503What dreams may become_0502What dreams may become_0501Big brothers and little sisters.. I mean..

What dreams may become_0500What dreams may become_0499In the throws of summer // lots of jammy days!

What dreams may become_049810 week old Cove

What dreams may become_0497What dreams may become_0496What dreams may become_0495What dreams may become_0494What dreams may become_0493These flowers only seem to come out every few years, they are seriously magic !

What dreams may become_0492What dreams may become_0491What dreams may become_0490Picking wildflowers

What dreams may become_0489Gimme my newbies back !

What dreams may become_0516Meadow at 12 weeks

Pender Island. Oh how I love this place. It’s where we named Cove and one of the highlights of our year. I love that we are creating such beautiful memories and traditions for our kids. I kept telling Steve, ‘ these are the things they’ll remember hun. When they grow- up and look back on their child hoods.. These are the things that will shape it, even the little things ..’
I only wish I had taken more big camera pics.. I’ve been relying on my cell phone too much, add that to the New years resolutions..

What dreams may become_0515What dreams may become_0514What dreams may become_0513

One perk to doing product shots is that I also get some big camera pics of my babies.
These were for Jack and Julie coWhat dreams may become_0512What dreams may become_0511What dreams may become_0510

Me and my baby girl for Arrow and Lace DesignsWhat dreams may become_0519What dreams may become_0518This picture of my girlies makes me cry

What dreams may become_0517

Apple orchards, pumpkin patches and all my loves, just a few of my favourite things..
What dreams may become_0525What dreams may become_0524What dreams may become_0523What dreams may become_0522What dreams may become_0521What dreams may become_0520

6 month little treasuresWhat dreams may become_0534What dreams may become_0535What dreams may become_0536What dreams may become_0537What dreams may become_0538What dreams may become_0539What dreams may become_0540

Hanging out in their room, I’ll have to post a room tour soon.What dreams may become_0533


I just love these last ones we took just the other week. Watching your last ( insert ugly cry ) babies grow-up has been really hard on me to be honest..  I am not one that likes change or moving on, especially from things I adore so much… But there really is so much beauty in seeing all your kids interact together and be able to laugh and play ( and fight 😉
We are embracing what is the start of the chaos and I will say I do look forward to that busy, buzzing household feels and  never a dull moment things // Once everyone gets mobile around here..What dreams may become_0532What dreams may become_0531What dreams may become_0530What dreams may become_0529What dreams may become_0528What dreams may become_0527In case you didn’t know, I’m a self – timer junkie.

Take a good guess as to who had to run and push the button ( it wasn’t me  Bahaha )What dreams may become_0526

If you’re reading this and put up with my long post, thank you ! I have had such amazing support this last year from people just like you and I hope you know just how much your sweet comments, emails and messages mean to me.
I’m looking so forward to sharing more and I appreciate you following along on this journey.

Love and light.