She is 3.

Oh miss Harlan Veil, you are three.
I always get emotional the days leading up to her birthday, and time hop app is killin’ me… But my gosh it sounds the same every friggen year — Where the heck does time go.

I can’t help but reflect on this time last year, or to the DAY OF HER BIRTH and think about how crazy it is that in such a short time, we added 2 more little ones to the mix. I thought my pregnancy with her was my last and I mourned every single second of it and my gosh, if only I knew !  But you don’t know these things. You don’t know what life has in store for you just around the corner, and if you did – how differently you would live.

What dreams may become_0556

 I’m glad I thought that way because I look back on her pregnancy and her birth and that first year with the fondest of memories. I appreciated every fleeting second and for that, I’m forever grateful.

This girl has been my best sidekick this last year.  And we did it, me and her together. She may have only just turned two when they were born, but God knew the exact place for her in this family. My best friend, my shadow, the glue that holds us all together. She is this sweet little piece of glittery, shimmery gold and I couldn’t love her more.

You can read more about her and what she means to us –  HERE
Her birth slide show –  HERE

I typically prefer outside photos, but we are currently living in an epic nap trap over here, so inside it was.
What dreams may become_0549And I know, jokes on me, the three is backwards, but her genuine sweet,  smiling face, I didn’t have the heart to throw these out.

What dreams may become_0550Balloon from: Heather and gem

What dreams may become_0570What dreams may become_0571Headband: Arrow and LaceWhat dreams may become_0572What dreams may become_0551Steve made the tee-pee tent out of wood and I added a homemade tee – pee floral crown ( is that even a thing?! )

This years birthday party inspo – The new Cinderella . Seriously, I am legit obsessed. This movie speaks to my heart and me and Harlan have spent many-a afternoons curled up watching it together. 

What dreams may become_0552What dreams may become_0553What dreams may become_0554What dreams may become_0555

I had the vision of what I wanted in my head, but well, time got away from me and I really did do everything last minute. Like, seriously I was at Michael’s craft store the night before, literally chucking things into my cart and hoping for the best.

What dreams may become_0557White Balloons from Heather and Gem
What dreams may become_0558Aren’t these cookies so sweet!

What dreams may become_0559All greenery is fake from Michaels craft centre and 40% OFF right now.What dreams may become_0560

For goody bags, I’m kinda over the sugar party overload. So I got a colouring book and crayons, wrapped it up in scrap fabric ( which happened to be royal blue, double win ) and called it a day.
What dreams may become_0561What dreams may become_0562” Have Courage And Be Kind ”  An amazing quote from the movie.
So when I saw it pop- up on my friends wall decal IG page, I knew it had to be mine !! It was super easy to put up and made the best backdrop ( It is pictured here in copper
What dreams may become_0563What dreams may become_0564What dreams may become_0565What dreams may become_0566What dreams may become_0567What dreams may become_0568My sister was so sweet and agreed to come and be a princess for the party. The kids were mesmerized !! Like, no joke they literally thought she came from  Disneyland.
She handed out mini balloons to each kid that had their name printed on their back and they thought it was pretty neat that she *knew their name.
What dreams may become_0569

It was a ton of fun, my house got destroyed ( seriously, have a look at my snap chat – @WhtDrmsMayBcome
— and it felt like we had a all day play – date with my Mama friends .

Happy Birthday Harlan Veil !!!