Back To School

September for me has always felt like the beginning of a new year, even more than January does..
A fresh start. But the last two.. ok, maybe even 3 years have been a blur trying to keep my head above the water… Living it, I don’t think I really realized until now.. But when I look back it’s kinda like knowing it’s snowing but not seeing it falling kinda thing…
But this year, Mama is back.
I’m determined to get it together. With the kids getting older, having more commitments, more activities and things to keep track of — I wanted to start the year with a game plan. First I needed a ” one stop shop ” and I found it at Sears Canada – school clothes, after school clothes, and things to wear to and from their activities.. Plus some new and fresh Mom uniforms for me. I also wanted to get some new stationary for writing to – do lists, etc.. Their prices are amazing, lots of sales and promos – something I really appreciate,  especially with 5 little ones to shop for.

| To -do list | Pens | Note book | My Shirt ( On Clearance! ) |

| Uniform HERE and HERE | Back PackHarlan’s Dress | Levi’s Jeans, Shirt | 
| Jacket |
| Gym TANK & PANTS || Boys Pants and here | Boys shirts here and here |

Something that has really helped Steve and I in the past is syncing our phone calendars. That way we can see what each other have going on, plus our kids school lets you sync the school calendar to it as well. The only issue I was starting to have last year was being able to see the week/ month ahead of me. I’m a visual person so I was really missing seeing the month in front of me.
Plus with the boys getting older, I want them to be more responsible and know what they have ahead of them so they can be prepared as well.  I have it colour coded for each of the kids – crossing my fingers this works !

Calendar linked HERE

| Dry erase calendar/ board on sale! | My shirt |

Every year that goes by in parenthood you seem to learn more and more. Levi’s first year of school lunches make me cringe just thinking about it. The baggies, trying to find tupperware lids, so much mis- mash – it makes me sweat just thinking about that gong -show !
Steve would agree that i actually love making the kids lunches now. We’ve been using planet box lunch kits for 3 years and honestly, it’s been life changing. I love that they’re good for the environment, fit in the dishwasher easily, and the kids can pick the design on the kit plus the bag, which they love. But maybe the best part of all is that everything stays organized, hallelujah

| Shirt |

What are some things you guys do to help stay organized ?

A big thank you to my friend Kim for letting me take over her beautiful house and her magical Kitchen!

This post was created in partnership with Sears Canada but as always, the thoughts, ideas and words are completely my own.  Thank you for supporting me and the sponsors that make this blog possible.