Our hydrangeas

I always knew I wanted to plant hydrangeas around our property. One of my first memories as a kid was this beautiful, blue hydrangea bush that was beside our deck in the backyard. My Mom would cut clippings from it and put them all around the house. Reminding me I need to plant some blue ones next year…

Anyways, as we have slowly worked away at finishing our property, I started researching good Hydrangea varieties. I really wanted some white ones to go with the classic-ness of our house and that also made a nice cutting flower.

The first ones I ended up getting were: limelight hydrangeas in the tree variety.
They’re three years old now and have loved living out on our back deck.
Their blooms last all summer long and into fall.

When we did our courtyard last year, I did some research and found Annabelle hydrangeas grow amazing in our area (Canada) and can handle a good prune for winter. Which was important because I need the area to look neat and tidy year round. They bloom in the most beautiful, HUGE pure white flowers and are just so gorgeous.They even have a light smell that is sooo good. I mean look at them-

The only downfall (and it can be a huge downfall…) is that the blooms are so big that when it rains they droop pretty badly… I managed to take these photos right before the rain came and I can say they look very different today. Many, even though we supported them with string snapped and bent. It’s so unfortunate, but they’re still so pretty.

Another variety we love is the snowball Hydrangea. The flowers (blooms) are smaller and the bush gets much bigger. You need to plant a lot less for a huge impact. I also love how the blooms don’t break and snap after the rain.

The last set of hydrangeas we have on our property are the “Little Lime”
They have been out front of our house for a few years and I LOVE them. Honestly probably my favourite. They start out green in the summer and as fall starts to approach, they turn a crimson orange/red. They are a beautiful, cone shape and every year I cut them and they make for beautiful, dried arrangements around the house. They also don’t get too huge which makes it easier to use them for landscaping.

Thanks for following along and like always- let me know if you have anymore questions!
XO, Michele