This summer, I threw a backyard bash with a few friends and we had a ton of fun! I just love hosting and creating fun things to do. I think it’s always good to have things to look forward to.

Of course, it was like a hundred degrees that day… but we ended up taking breaks under our deck to beat the heat. I’m writing this on a cold dreary day and not gonna lie… I miss the heat already!
This was a campaign I did for Kim Crawford wine (literally a dream collab.) but this post is not sponsored or affiliated with that in any way. It t did however provide a gateway for the idea and I love how the whole thing came together.

We host a lot and I think my biggest takeaway from it is that it will always be a lot of work… but I also like to keep it easy going and try to enjoy it too.Otherwise, what’s the point, right!?
Like everything in my life, I need it easy-going and just go with the flow. I try to not overthink it and just have a few simple touches that make everything come together.

I’ve linked everything I can in this post. I love having staple items for setting the table. Having it during the summer was also great because all our flowers were in full bloom.
I think the pictures say it all, so… enjoy and thanks as always… for being here

xoxo, Michele

I’ve posted about them before… but we are obsessed with Dine With Fable. We have so many things from them… including the serving dishes and wine glasses you see here.

I have a code that gives you 10% off.

Some of you may know, but our neighbour is a chef and does catering. I got him to do my little event and it was the best idea ever because it took so much stress off of me.
He does such an amazing job and is a great guy to boot.
Check out “The Chefs acre” on instagram for more info:)