Our bucket list trip to New York City

Oh, New York!! It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since we were there. The whole thing kinda feels like a dream since Steve and I had been talking about coming here since we were 18. We both love Christmas movies, so of course that includes Home Alone 2 “Lost in New York”. When the opportunity arose to have a quick stop in the city for a few days, we both started planning out what we wanted to do/ see. Huge on that list was visiting the Plaza where Kevin Mcallister stays. The hotel staff were great and told us a bunch of fun details about it and it was just such a moment. We were on a time change, but that didn’t stop us from waking up as early so we could to make sure we got everything in that we wanted to see + do. We literally hit the ground running and crammed in as much as we possibly could. The weather was absolutely terrible and rained the entire time. But what do you do..? It is New York after all 😉 We were heading to Savannah right after so I barely packed any rainy weather clothing. So please enjoy our outfits on repeat 😉

We both aren’t really big city people… But New York was just so different.
If you’ve been, you know. There was such a vibe + energy there that I wasn’t expecting. I really can’t wait to go back again one day.

Here are some things we did:

Visited The Plaza and had breakfast at The Palm Court:

Walked around Central Park

Visited The Empire State Building. (It was too cloudy to see the skyline from the lookout, so we will have to do that next time).

We stayed at The Algonquin and I would HIGHLY recommend it. It was classic New York boutique hotel and it was in the perfect location (close to Time Square)

Visited the 911 Memorial and went through the museum. What a moment to see it and be there.

Something we realized first day in was that the New York Taxi’s were WAY better than Uber’s. The concierge confirmed that as well. They know their way around the city so well and all you have to do is literally just flag them down when you need them- which was definitely bucket list as well!

Did a lot of just walking around and sight-seeing. Every street feels different.

Went to a Broadway play. I wanted to love it, I really did! I think we maybe just went to the wrong one. We went to Hamilton, and so many people recommended we watch it on Disney + first… But of course we we booked it quite last minute so never got around to it. It is heavily history based so it lost me within the first two scenes. We also had two rude people behind us that kinda put a damper on the whole experience. I looked down at my muted and completely un-lit phone for a brief second between a scene to see if our Airbnb guest got in to the house ok (they were arriving at the same time as the show started).
Anyways… the lady smacked me with her itinerary and started going off and rattling off rude things. Steve turned around and told her to mind her own business, then she proceeded to give him her middle finger, waving it right in his face. Yikes… But oh well.
We left right at the intermission and went for pizza instead. If you remember from the movie: “Elf”- Papa Elf tells him to check out Ray’s Pizza. Well… I have to say It was the best pizza we’ve both ever had. I really don’t know if I can eat anything but New York Pizza ever again.
True story.

Right before the smack-down 😉

Until next time, New York!

xx, Michele