Belle Fleur { A Flower Party }

Oh my little girl, six. I don’t know about you guys, but time feels like it’s just keeps speeding up.  Usually I get super emotional around my kids Birthdays, and mourn the passing of time. But have really tried to change my perspective the last year. See the big picture, behind and in front, stand right in and see each day and just be dang right grateful that I get to do just that.


Harlan’s Dress HERE  | Meadows Dress HERE  
Balloons: HERE 

Tablecloth from Canadian company: ArdeaHome
Waterproof and free of those nasty chemicals
Ana has offered a 10% off code: “DREAMS10”

Ok, gotta share with you this cake hack. Inspired from one of my favourite bloggers: Kelle Hampton

What you’ll need:
Cheap grocery store cake
butter knife
Garbage can
What you do:
Scrape all that nasty icing off until you create a “Naked cake” look
Throw fresh flowers on top

I feel like I need to give more details here.. But boom, thats literally it friends.
The other thing too- the kids devoured it!
 Flowers from my beautiful friends farm @Thebouquetfarm

Wanted to keep the food easy this year, because I just didn’t have the energy for anything more.
Decided to do a tea party with lots of little eats and treats


So this right here was probably the biggest hit of the whole party- slime!
My girlfriends daughter (who is only 9!)
Started her own little slime company and seriously I was SO impressed! glitter, colours, all customizable. And the best part was that the slime making shenanigans weren’t in my house 😉
I bought some for the party favours but as soon as the kids saw them they wanted to play with them
Saying yes.
You can find Haven on Instagram:

Kinda forgot to take photos of this, but showed the girls how to make little bouquets. I just bought flower in bulk from @Thebouquetfarm and showed them some little tricks I’ve learned.
A cute little take home that they an put beside their beds <3

My little Harlan Veil, life is brighter and shinier with you in it.
Grateful every day I get to be your Mama.
Happy sixth birthday, I love you more than air