Snow Day Treats

I saw a Meme online the other day about looking recipes up online and how there’s 2 minutes of scrolling before you actually get to the recipe- I get it, because it drives me crazy too.. So I’ll be quick here-

We got a big snowfall last night, and woke up to almost a foot of snow on the ground. I decided to keep the kids home (because truly, any excuse to stay home;) We had a great day, and made some fun treats I’ve made previously, but never have shared. So here they are!~
Snow Day Ice Cream
Maple Syrup Lolli


1 Cup Maple syrup

Popsicle stick

Heat Maple syrup in pan over the stove and bring to a light boil until syrup is thickened 
(Or you can check it with a thermometer that it has reached 237 degrees)
Pour into jug with  spout
Fill a 9×12 cooking dish with snow
OR bring the cooked syrup outside and flatten an area of clean snow
Pour mixture over snow into strips or swirls
Let sit in snow for 3 minutes, then use a popsicle stick and wrap the cooled syrup strip around

Snow Day Ice Cream

Dairy Free coffee creamer OR Evaporated milk

Mix the 3 ingredients together until thick and desired consistency 
On top add:
Chocolate, or nothing at all!


A quick video: