Cove and Meadows pregnancy

Steve ( My instagram husband 😉 took these of me when I was 31 weeks pregnant with the twins. The boys didn’t want to be apart of them, and I kinda wish I had begged and bribed a little harder.. But oh well.. What dreams may become_0588What dreams may become_0589What dreams may become_0590What dreams may become_0591What dreams may become_0592What dreams may become_0593What dreams may become_0594What dreams may become_0595What dreams may become_0596What dreams may become_0597What dreams may become_0598What dreams may become_0599What dreams may become_0600What dreams may become_0601What dreams may become_0602What dreams may become_0603
I’ve definitely been doing a lot of reflecting with the twins first Birthday coming up in just 3 weeks… ( insert heart ache and loss of breath) Remembering the journey it took to get them here, all the emotions, feelings and yes, the fear, lots of it. But I look at that juicy belly that gave my babies life and I’m so damn proud of it. All the things I feared, all the things people told me would, could and may happen,  never happened. I remember stalking the hashtag #TwinPregnancy and being freaked right out because of the negative connotation with it all…Sure, it wasn’t the easiest thing I ever did, but it also wasn’t the hardest. Pregnancy in general, is not easy for me. I feel like I’m not myself, I’m sick the whole time, exhausted and have struggled with first trimester depression ( Something I wanna talk about and address in another post..) I didn’t find it nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be, — It’s amazing how strong a woman’s body is and I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit for that.  It still blows my mind that there was two babies in there at one time and I would do anything to have a moment with that bump again. le sigh…

I bumped into a woman at a store a few weeks before I had them and she said ” Aw, when you due?” I told her, ” not until the end of May, but it’s twins ..”  She nonchalantly said ” Aw, thats amazing, my first were twins, I don’t even know until they did an x ray because they thought the baby was breach. ” ( She was older )  she continued with, ” I had no idea! We had just finished travelling through Europe, and I actually went into labour that night. They slept in the same crib for years and to this day they’re best friends..”
I truly believe God sends you angels, to tell you exactly what you need to hear right when you need to hear it. That stranger I met in a store that afternoon gave me something. She normalized something that my goodness — should be NORMAL!
Twins are not a death sentence nor a bad stroke of luck. They’re every reason to celebrate the gift that they truly are. Not everyone gets to experience having two babies at one time, and I’m forever grateful I did.

Dress and lace bralette from: Forever21
White nightgown: Vintage
Floral crown: Made by me
Crochet shorts: Target
Harlans dress: Old Navy

The countdown is on you guys and I’m just not ready!!!!