Easter Shananigans. { Naturally dyed eggs & floral crown bunny ears }

Last year was a total write- off in the fun,  seasonal, things – to -do with kids department. I was just too exhausted with the twins pregnancy and I just kept telling myself,  ‘ better luck next year..’ Hah!

The kids are on spring break right now and to ward off going crazy I’ve tried to fill part of our days with activities and festivities…

I thought naturally dying eggs would be something fun to try, so that’s exactly what we did !

After a bit of research, we  decided to do:
Blueberry juice
Tumeric ( 2tbsp )
Purple cabbage
Red onion

What dreams may become_0573What dreams may become_0574
I used brown and white eggs for a bit of variation .
Chopped up  or added all the different things, added 1.5 cups of water, 2 TBSP of vinegar  and a 1 TSP salt. I boiled the eggs right in the mixture so that it would help saturate the egg more. What dreams may become_0575
What dreams may become_0577What dreams may become_0578What dreams may become_0579What dreams may become_0580Let it cool.. Then put it into large mason Jars.
I left our eggs in overnight and the kids had fun checking on them ( every hour ; ) )What dreams may become_0581They turned out pretty neat, the purple cabbage with the white egg was my fav, as well as the turmeric with the brown egg.. Ours look a little banged – up from the kids checking on them with spoons every hour, so maybe don’t do that ! hahahaWhat dreams may become_0582I also took the egg cartons and spray painted them. People have asked where I’ve gotten my rose gold spray paint, you can get it off Amazon HERE What dreams may become_0583

Ok you guys, how cute are these bunny floral crowns ! I had SO much fin making them. They are super easy to make and look so cute with an easter dress ! I don’t know about you guys, but my kids LOVE Easter. honestly more than Christmas ( are they crazy!?)

What dreams may become_0584 Here’s how to make them:
I used pipe cleaners, which are great at holding them on your head, but I also found these amazing bunny headbands for super affordable that would work really well, plus THESE where the ears go out to the side and it would make it easy to add the flowers on. When buying the fake flowers- get a bouquet that way you can also use the greenery from it as well ( win / win! ) Here are some HERE and HERE that have free shipping, because seriously why leave the house when ya got kids!
Use wire cutters and cut the flower as close as you can to the base. Simply hot glue it on, making sure you try it on as you go so that the flowers sit nicely on all views.
It’s that easy!

What dreams may become_0585
What dreams may become_0586Happy crafting friends !

XO, Michele