Levi’s " BIG boy room" fit for Prince

We transitioned Levi into his new room the end of August, so that the ” baby” would be in the nursery.  I had major anxiety about moving him because he never tried to climb out, it kept him contained and to be honest, the crib worked well for us.
 But finally after some persuasion from friends and my sister-in law we did the big move. 
After the first week I thought, ” What the heck was I thinking!!!???”
I was so pregnant,  exhausted, and Steve was still in berry season hecticness. The first night he kept getting out, until finally after a hour of laying with him he fell asleep. Nap times became a battle, and then once he fell asleep he would only nap for a hour to a hour and a half. that might seem long, but I was used to 3 hours minimum and to top it off I was napping myself every afternoon. So just when I fell asleep, Levi would get -up.
But after the first month, he got used to it.  So now 7 months in, I must say I am sooo glad we did it! We can lay in there with him before bed, read stories, snuggle.  I don’t know how many times I have wondered where the heck Steve was and found the two of them fast asleep together. Talk about warming the heart;)
Plus now when we travel I don’t have to worry about lugging the playpen halfway across the world. He can sleep anywhere!
And finally after 7 months I have finished his room. Of course there are a few more things I need to display on the shelves, and I’m still trying to finds that ” perfect” lamp. But mostly, its complete!
Here are a few pics:
This was my inspiration

Pillowcases made by Mom
This is the quilt my girlfriend Joni made. She did an amazing job! So custom, so well made,  she even had it embroidered. It’s such a keepsake, I love it.

  Visit her face book page here and her blog here

$5.99 blocks from homesense. Seriously, how did we survive before that store?

Laundry bag! I got this idea from Sarah Richardson. I found the quilt fabric that matches the quilt, and basically made a pillow case. SO easy!
I love it! The rooms in my house are small so I didn’t have a spot for a big laundry hamper.  ( I made one for Dion as well ) Now I can keep the boys laundry separate from ours, which makes folding and putting away easier, plus I can make sure their laundry only gets the dye and perfume free soap. ( Cindy still trying to find Method..)

I hope my ” Prince” enjoys his big boy room for many years to come. Or – until I get bored and decide I wanna redecorate :0