Field of dreams…

I had many visions for this maternity shoot and I had fun planning it with my Mom to be girlfriend. 
I am so happy with how they turned out and I hope she is too! 
These two are gonna be wonderful parents and I can’t wait to find out what this baby finally is!
J and K thank -you for being such troopers and for being ” perfect” models.

We had quite the experience in this field. While laying in the tall grass, trying to get that ” perfect” shot. I looked down and saw spiders. Not just a few, but thousands ( seriously ) black ones, some with silver backs. I tried not to freak out. ( Joni at this time was sitting in the chair – thank – goodness ) So I got -up thinking I would find another spot. But no. The field was infested. It was arachnophobia all over again. We pursued for a couple of more shots, Kevin being our own personal spider coach, ensuring us they couldn’t get inside our shoes,…they were harmless… But I had the heeby- jeebies so bad that I could barely concentrate. Miraculously Joni who was just as freaked out as I was pulled it together and gave me some awesome shots. But neither of us could calm down. So we finally travelled to my favourite field where I live.

Kevin, you are a trooper! Never have a met a man be so patient and easy – going in a photo shoot. Just adds another to my ” favourite ” list 😉
Joni, not much longer Mama! You look beautiful and you have provided a lovely home for your unborn these last months.
Looking forward to exciting times to come!
I heart you both.