Front Porch Refresh

I wanted to share with you guys a easy way I decorate my front porch. It’s one of the first things guests see when they arrive at your home and something that greets you everyday!
I love using flowers to cozy up the entryway of my front porch. After a long winter it’s so refreshing to have something blooming and pretty to look at as you walk through the front door. The ones in these photos are heleborus and skimmia. They were planted in pots in early spring, and are one of the first plants to bloom. The skimmia smells amazing (almost mimics lilacs)
They are perennials- which means they will come back year after year.
Once they’ve finished blooming I swap them out for something else, usually as we enter a new season. Because we still need so many plants around our property I like to use the perennials because then I use them to fill in areas around the farm that still need plants
A win-win!

Other plants I love using for the front porch are:

Sometimes I use different pots, some of these here like the tin buckets are actually from the dollar store

I love mixing different varieties and creating a look that feels refreshing and happy. These pictures were actually taken last year and I just love the peach tones. This year I have a boxwood topiary and lavender out.

Anyways just a little way I like to decorate my front porch.
Anything else you want to see more on here? Let me know!

Xx, Michele