Golden Light

I have been waiting for the “Golden Light” since winter. Ever since Kelle Hampton mentioned it, I have been looking.
  The other night, I found it. 
Steve was out for the evening, so it was just me and the boys at home. I was just about ready to do the evening routine, when suddenly I saw it bursting through the trees at the back of our house and I knew I had to catch the magic.
I quickly dressed the kids put them in the stroller and ran to the park.
Here are a few from our golden light, night:
I Love photographing kids, they don’t worry about posing, how they look, what angle is best…
They just, enjoy the moment

Playing in the light of evening.

Chasing their shadow

My lil boy is getting so big, 2.5 now…
I’ve been wanting to get some pictures of my boys together.

I must say they cooperated quite well 🙂
It’s been so heart-warming to see my boys start to interact together.

You can already tell Dion looks up to his big brother

The kid has lips that give the Jolie- Pitts a run for their money

My sweet  baby, almost 6 months

treasuring every bit of his baby-ness

My BOYS, you are the key to my soul,  looking forward to many more spring days, filled with golden light.