Mom’s Day OFF

A couple of weekends ago I came down stairs in the morning and my husband told me he was sending me away for the night. He had pre- arranged for me to stay at my girlfriend Ang’s place downtown, told her to book us in at the spa, and to make sure I had a full nights sleep. I was in. 
We planned it for the next weekend, and I was sooo excited!! Mostly just for sleep, Dion was still night waking on me, every 2-3 hours we were working on it, but I was tired…
So I packed my bags ( and Pump. ) Fueled –  up on hugs and kisses from my babies ( and husband. ) Hit the freeway, with  my music cranked -up,  sunglasses on and fell deep into my own, un-interrupted thoughts.
I met Ang at her place, we got beautified, then hit the streets for some shopping. 
We shopped until the stores closed then went to Cactus Club Robson. It dawned on me that I could drink more than one glass of wine because the beauty of living in the city was that you didn’t have to drive home. 
I ordered two large Martinis. 

These were taken on my Iphone

Love Instagram APP it makes any picture look better,  and the best part – its FREE!

We walked home, got in our PJS and watched Sex and the city2 while eating popcorn and M&Ms ( its the treat we always eat together, you actually put the M&Ms in the popcorn and they slightly melt, that combined with butter and salt = yummy. ) 

This is my favourite part. When Charlotte confesses how hard being a Mom really is…

So, after this we hit the sheets.  Ang asked if I wanted a ” sleep aid” oh yes I did!!! I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep all night because I had been so used to getting -up at all hours.

When I woke -up it was 9.
 I had slept like 10 hours straight!!!!
I told her I thought I was hung-over. “No no no, you only had two drinks? You probably just aren’t used to getting that much sleep!”
 Haha she was right! My body was like what the h$*! – just happened!!!???

We got -up hit Starbucks,  and walked about the misty city.

At Starbucks

We were not able to get in for Pedi’s at a spa so we went to a nail bar in Yale town. We plunked ourselves  down on that couch, read like 10 smut magazines, and zoned out for a hour.
It was heaven.

Our beautiful toes!! Thanks Steve!! ( Notice the disposeable  sandals)

As I was paying I realized my parking meter had run out. crap!! Since we forgot to bring sandals we high- tailed it down the street in these disposeable sandals. For anyone who has ever used these, you know they are not made for walking in, let alone running. Within a block Ang had already broken hers, mine were hanging by a thread. and people were staring.
We had to laugh!!
And I’m happy to report: No ticket!!!

It was time to go home… I enjoyed my day and night away. But I caught myself cooing at other peoples babies, and making sure I always slipped in ” I was a Mom, I had two kids” anyone else do that? On the rare occasion you go with out kids, you almost feel like you should have a sign on your head that says ” I am a Mom” and its not usually this easy for me 🙂Along the way I had gotten pictures and videos of the family at home. Oh and of course, Dion only woke up 2x that night .. When I called and asked where Dion was Steve would say he is in his bed trying to sleep, he’s crying but it only lasts like 5 minutes..
 Say what!? He’s crying!? He never cries when I put him to bed, he never fights sleep.
 My poor baby NEEDS his Mommy!!
Ok, he was totally in good hands, and whatever Steve did worked because ever since then he has been sleeping much better, and I am feeling rested.

I came back home rejuvenated,  a better Mom, and a thankful wife.

Thank-you to my wonderful, thoughtful husband, and my darling friend, I thoroughly enjoyed my
 ” Day off”