Kiss me I’m Irish!

I have been meaning to post this for the last 3 days but my baby D got super sick. My normally content, feisty, independent,  alligator baby, cried for 2 days straight, he wouldn’t nap,  ( except on Mommy’s chest ) and when he was awake he wanted to be carried around in the carrier. I’m not gonna lie, parts of me kinda loved it. I’ve said it before, nothing makes me feel more deserving of the title ” Mama” than when my kids are sick. I know only I seem to know how to  nurture and comfort them, tend to their needs, and that even when their grown, even maybe when they have a wife, they’ll always want Mom.
Because really, Mom’s when your sick, are the best.

I celebrated St. Patricks Day with the kids yesterday, since I had to work at my ” other” job today. They woke up to green milk and lucky charms,  we put on all the green clothes we could find, we used green plates for lunch, it was fun 🙂

So let’s face it, the weather this last week has.been.awful. My kids were stir crazy by 2 o’clock,  and if I heard one more mickey mouse club house song, I was gonna lose it.
So I thought a trip to the dollar store would be good for all of us. I had planned on getting the kids some St.Patricks day things for fun, but while I was there I found just too many cool things – for cheap ( $10 to be exact!)  And my creative monster got the best of me.  Just like my Valentines day photoshoot, I thought a St.Patty’s one would be just as fun!  I now plan on doing one every season. It makes me take pictures of my kids, it looks pretty cool on the new Facebook timeline, and it will make a great page in my shutterfly family photo album.
Levi is also at the age where he can help “set-up”  He got everything out of their packages, he cut off the pieces of tape, he helped hold the  clover garland in place, and it made for a fun, rainy afternoon.

So Happy St. Patty’s Day  evening everyone,  hope your enjoying a green beer wherever you may be 😉