All you need is LOVE

For some reason I’m really feelin the whole Valentine’s Day thing this year. I think it’s because my boys are older, so I finally get to do all the things I’ve dreamed of since I became a Mama.
Plus,  my Mom always made a big deal out of Valentines Day, which  included treats from Charlie’s Chocolate factory , a little note, or card,  and I plan on carrying on that tradition as well.

I had wanted to do a Valentines day themed photo shoot with the boys.  I had my niece over the other day and when she walked up from the playroom in the fairy princess dress I wore at my parents Wedding,  I knew that  today was the day. I wisked her upstairs, curled her hair, put some make-up on her ( hey, when her mama’s away, auntie will play 😉
I staged the scene, I pulled out my bribes ( cinnamon heart candies ) and my little people gave me these:
Dee-dee had a photo shoot too, after his nap 🙂
 Those cinnamon hearts are dangerous! I don’t even really like them, but every time I walked past the island I thought,  don’t mind if I do…

Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentines day, filled with a whole lotta love:)