More than words can say…

I don’t really know where to start.
‘So I’ll start from where it all began.
 Grade 3.
That’s where I met Nicole, and my life changed. O.k, sounds romantic, but its kinda true. 
She was friendly and outspoken, with the cutest dark brown permed hair, always dressed-up in Please Mum clothes ( these were a big deal back in the day;) 
I remember every detail of that first day of school, back in 1993, when we met, and it sounds corny but its true – we have been best friends ever since. 
Here are some ” back in the day” pics. They may not mean much to anyone.
 But to me and the Doerksens –

they speak volumes, and explain more than I could ever write in a novel.

**( Sorry about the pictures being turned the wrong way, for the life of me I couldn’t flip them around ) 

Riding lessons

Tazz, one day I’ll find you again

Oh sparkles, the protector, the best dog ever.

Now having just done some calculating, I realize we have been friends for 18 years!!!!

Ok, starting to feel old…
Somehow we managed to go to Prom together! ( At the Bateman Prom)

Its crazy for me to think that we really only ever went to school for one year together, and managed to keep the relationship strong. Oh yes, it hasn’t always been perfect. BUT we have made it through the tough challenges stronger, closer, and each bump in the road challenging us to mature, and grow, shaping us into the ” adults” we are today.

I feel like this family is responsible for my childhood. I lived at their house in the summer months. Getting homesick when I finally ventured home.
The things that will be forever engraved in my memory, the things that when I look back on I remember are: 
The log house and property on Sumas mountain. 
Eating toast, and chocolate chips as snacks.
Playing dark tag.
Always getting carsick in the Volvo.
Sleeping in the bunk beds
The forts, the exploring.
Riding ponies.
The excitement of all the animal babies be born ( cats, horses, hamsters, chickens )
The rooster chasing us.
The paint fight.
The trail rides.
The gigantic Christmas tree in the living room.
learning to say ” pardon me” in stead of ” what?!”
Praying at dinner
The tree falling on the house in the middle of the night.
Watching T.V on the only 2 channels
Eating apples off the apple tree.
Oh the memories…
But not all the special times are necessarily in the distant past, but are in the now. When I think about the most recent series of events, I really can’t not believe God had something to do with it. 
Our husbands are also childhood best friends.
We were pregnant together.
We both had boys only 4 months apart.

Her son was born on my Birthday. 
I am so excited to see what the future has in store for us. I have dreams of our boys being best friends, playing hockey, riding dirt bikes, growing-up together. 
Heck, even marrying the others sister ( wouldn’t that be perfect! or odd? ) 

To Paul and Sheri, words will never be enough to tell you just how important and special you are to me. You took me under your wing, you showed me what a childhood should look and feel like. 
I hope I can give my kids a life that you gave yours. 
You truly are my saving grace, and for that I am forever thankful.

Thank-you for letting me photograph you all…