Hawaii, How I love thee….

We’ve been home for a week now, and I feel like our trip to Hawaii was just a figment of my imagination.  I can’t believe only a week ago we were laying on the beach, sippin on homemade margaritas, and sauntering around all day in teeny weenie bikinis… sigh…
So now all we have are empty suitcases, tan lines and our memories, remembered by the many pictures taken during the trip. 
Here are a few of my favorites :
View from our deck

I heart my lil family

Dee Dee loves his Daddy

This is what you get when you have a baby learning to sit + sand:(  Plus may I add it was very stressful trying to first,  figure out how to  get it off without it going in his eyes. Thank-goodness he was completely oblivious to it all, and didn’t even cry, whew.  

Self taken on the deck
 The first morning we were there, we heard roosters cock -a dooing. When we got up we saw they lived wild on the property, and even had little chicks . Steve was like ” This is the icing on the cake for you isn’t it?” Yes, it was. 
Until, we realized they crowed all morning, every morning for 10 days…

I sit now!!!

Love my littlest

Levi had fun playing in the sand

Love these two ladies!
 Before we left, Steve kept asking me what things I wanted to do on the trip.
At the top of the list: Luau. 
Besides being severely hot and sweaty, Dion having meltdowns and the food being probably the grossest we have eaten since Mama Panda went under –
It was worth it.  
The atmosphere, the show, the feeling of being a ” tourist” made up for the minor hick-ups.

  Shaved ice with Vanilla ice cream on a warm Hawaiian day = sensational
My sister – in law is preggers and I snapped these adorable pictures of Dion’s hands on her tummy. Can’t wait for the two of them to be friends!!

Dancing on the deck, in the light of the evening, LOVE.


And here is our group shot. I think we will all agree that it was a awesome trip.
You would think we would have been sick of each other by the end of it, but in fact I think we were the exact opposite. 
We are so much closer, getting to know each other on a whole new level.  
We  laughed, we cooked delicious meals, we sight- saw, snorkled together, jumped off waterfalls together, and mostly, we made memories together:)
Here is a sneak peak of the ” maternity shoot”  I did for my girlfriend while we were there.
Isn’t she a beauty!?
Many more to come!