Powder Room

We’ve been in our house now, for a year and a half. Shortly after we moved in, I regretted the tile I had chosen for the powder room. Although it was marble (seriously it killed me to rip it out), it had huge grout lines and the grout that did go in was the wrong colour. No matter how many times a day I cleaned it, it always seemed to feel dirty. It’s a high traffic area with it being on our main floor,  and a room guests see when they come over, so I knew it needed to change.

People ask me all the time if I’m going to do a house tour, etc.. and the answer is: I’m not really sure.
But- this room just sorta came together so nicely and is one of the few that is completely finished (it takes me a long time to decorate)

So here it is-



I also gotta mention this room has no natural light, so trying to get the right white balance made taking images a little trickier

We have a lot of antique gold incorporated into our home. When I was looking for faucets, I found it really tricky to find the right colour/ gold tone
Then I saw the Kingston Brass ones online, and we now have them and their other fixtures in our home. The quality and price really can’t be beat.
When we were redoing this bathroom I knew I wanted another one of their faucets.
They have a ton of options, etc and can interchange the handles for whatever look you prefer

I love lighting candles (especially on cooler days)
@Vancouvercandleco ones are some of my favs

I love having fresh flowers in the powder room this time of year, especially when we have friends/family over

I believe your powder room should really reflect your style and true heart of your home. I think you can make it simple and as out there and funky as you want it to be.
That grey marble was just so not us.

XO, Michele