Our Front Porch

A favourite spot at our home is the front porch. It’s a beautiful place to sit in the morning and listen to the birds sing. In the evening,  the sun sets just right above and below the trees,  so Steve and I love to unwind from the day and watch the kids play up and down our long driveway.
When we were designing our home, we almost missed utilizing this space. At one of our last meetings with GM drafting, we realized although the front porch was there, it was smaller and more narrow; making it hard to have furniture AND enough room to move around.
With a bit if tinkering, the Philly front porch was created..

Another thing we ended up putting in last minute was the outdoor heater (pictured above)
It lets off a lot of heat,  so the space can be used in every season (which is great when you live in Canada)


One of my favourite home decor companies is @Serenandlily
When the opportunity came to work with them, I was so excited.
All of their things are high quality, unique and complete any space in the perfect way.

On our porch I used their Beach comber cotton throw  
and their 22″ Luca pillow in the colour “fog”

I recently just added this big basket beside the rocking chairs to store blankets. I love how it cozies up the space and throughout the year I’ll interchange them, depending on the seasons. Right now I have cotton and linen throws in it.







Another simple and affordable way to create a cozy space is adding flowers. I think I showed it in one of my hacks on IG- but sometimes I use hanging baskets flowers instead of making them myself. A lot of times they’re already mature (so no waiting time) and I simply just remove the hanger part from the basket.






Not only does our family love our front porch- but our little Philly farm pets too. I actually had to start them their own IG account because every time I brought the camera out they would try to be in the pics (Seriously,  how do they even know this?!)
You can find all our pet shenanigans over on our new IG page: @ThePhillyFarm

Anyways, that’s about all there is to show/share for now.
Thanks for the love and support, you guys are the BEST!