Things that have changed my life

Here are some things that have changed my life, things I couldn’t live without now that I have them:
 My IPhone. 
For anyone who has one, I am sure you all would agree. 
Because I seriously don’t know how I once lived without it!  Now I never get lost, I have my beloved notes right at my fingertips filled with my ” to dos list,”  my kids milestones documented as soon as they happen, grocery list now never forgotten at home. 
The best part is the kids apps. In a split second on a verge of a meltdown moment, voila ! –  I have my apps which can transform any  cranky toddler. And really the list goes on and on, if you don’t have one of these, stop living in the dark ages and go get one! 
 Jamie Oliver.
  I consider myself good at many things. Cooking however just wasn’t one of my talents. In fact, I hated it. I would dread 4:00 when I knew I had to figure out what to try to make.
To give myself some credit, cooking for our little family isn’t easy. That’s because my husband is  a meat and potatoes kinda guy. He doesn’t like : Tomatoes, mustard, peppers, whole wheat bread, any sort of squash, oh yea and onions.  
Me – I’m a vegetarian. 
So add that to a picky eater who doesn’t like his veggies and you have one heck of a problem in the cooking department. 
That was until my best friend told me about this:


And now, we are forever changed! 
I look forward to cooking dinner, meal planning, and grocery shopping. 
And now we even enjoy cooking together, add a glass of wine to that and you have a jolly ol time!
The best part of it all, its healthy!! 
So go on now, jump on the band wagon and sign the petition HERE
 My PVR.
No more missed shows, fast forward commercials. 
O.k before kids I vowed that I would never let my appearance slide. I would always take care of myself, I would never let things slide.
I would never wear ” Mom” jeans, my eye brows would always be plucked, my nails always neat and polished.
Well there is dreaming and thinking one thing then there’s reality. 
Some of the I’ll never’s I have managed to keep. 
But the nails polished thing –  out the window. 
Because it’s just not possible. 
Try to feed or pick up a baby with half painted wet nails. Plus the fact that its totally time consuming. 
That was until I found this:
No more drying time, double coat, top coat and it chipping off the next day anyways mumbo jumbo. 
It’s a lil pricey at $10 for a set. But if your going away or have a special event it’s worth it!
Plus it lasts 10 days and goes on perfect, smooth like a fresh manicure. 
And the best part – you don’t have to leave the house for it.
This Man.
I often wonder and think about where and who I would be had we never met. 
I know things don’t happen just by chance, they have a purpose, reason and a plan that is so much bigger and profound  than we could ever imagine.
I realize how quick the path of my life can change should one simple thing not line up.
When I think about all the events that had that had to align for it all to be what it is now. 
I know he is meant for me and me for him.
 My Babies.

I never gave much thought to Motherhood before I had kids.
It’s not something I dreamed about, or yearned for. 
I knew I wanted them and we talked about names for one day when….
 But I  was preoccupied with my Horse back riding, and I would always say  
” I like my life, why would I change it?” 
But obviously God had a plan that was different than my own. 
At the time I couldn’t understand “why?”
Now I get it.

I thought I knew love before.
I thought love is what I felt for my horse, my dog.
Boy was I wrong.
Love, real love that changes you completely, that can be felt in the greatest depth of  your heart is found when you have children.

From the moment I became a Mother I was changed.
It was my ” Aha” moment.
I understood my purpose, I saw life clearer, and I am complete.

Sometimes life is confusing, and there will always be times still when I’ll ask ” why??” 
But really I shouldn’t because Gods plan and path for your life is always far better than your own. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)