Two of a kind…

I don’t find out the sex of our babies when I’m pregnant.
I love the anticipation, the excitement, the mystery….
 I love dreaming of the life with either.
I love how people like to take guesses. I love the wives tales. I love it that it gives me that  much more incentive to conquer each contraction,  just  to know who that little person will finally be.
  But most of all,  I love the moment that I hear my husband cry out ” It’s a boy” and the contentment I feel in  my heart because instinctively, I knew all along. 

I’m going to write about something that has kinda bothered me ever since we had our second son. For those who have the same sex children in your family, I’m sure you will all agree…

Why is there a phrase ” The million dollar family?” Meaning having a boy and girl..
Why are people ” disappointed” when they don’t ” get ” the boy or girl they wanted.
 Try to tell this to someone who just lost a baby, or will never carry or have a baby of their own. 
Since I had my second son I have been astounded at some of the things that people say, almost like what I have; two perfect little boys just isn’t good enough. 


Well I must say, I completely disagree. 
I think any combination whether it be two girls, three boys,  a boy and a girl.. you get the point..
 Is perfect because its what was meant to be for your family. 
How precious is this.. seriously..

I love it that my boys will grow up and be ” brothers” They will know and understand each other, in a way that only ” guys” do.

They can share the same clothes, and play with the same things.

And sure, selfishly I dream of tea parties, and playing barbies. Pony Club and dance recitals, and oh sigh.. dressing – up a little girl in clothes out of the Zara catalogue.

But I also look forward to being  a ” soccer Mom” playing vroom vrooms , and raising them to be honest, good Men .  And hey –  who says you can’t have fun dressing up little boys?!

And yes, we will have three, not because we want to ” try for a girl” but because I’ve always wanted three kids. And  my reality, based on the Phillips trend will be “three of a kind”, and I would be so very  happy with that. Because it doesn’t matter if they are a boy or a girl, they are mine.  They have a purpose, they are meant to be, they are our family and they will be loved just the same.

And because I wouldn’t trade neither for the prettiest lil girl in the world. Because what we have in my eyes is perfection.

Loving my ” two of a kind”