What Dreams May Become

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So.. The Philly Five are movin’ to the country!

Before me and Steve were even married we talked about wanting to move onto land one day.
And well, that dream never went away. Sunday drives, stalking the realtor app, even knocking on peoples doors. We’ve had accepted offers, but each time walked away from the deal because it just never felt right.

Steve and I always agreed that we would never settle until we found that perfect spot. We had a long  ( really long ) dream list and many times have felt discouraged that we would never find it. For 5 years we have been looking for that perfect humble abode // A home and land to raise our brood of littles —
The earning to move to property got even stronger the more kids we started to have…  The reality of vacations and plane tickets and travelling with them all ( esp while they are still so young ) is kinda off the the chopping block for now… It’s totally do -able,   but for us — we would rather our home become our vacation and refuge for the time being.

Building was on top of the dream list, but we were also up for a reno if it had the potential.
At Christmas we had a phone call from a family friend reminding us of a property close to us and that we should go check it out.
We knew the property — we had looked at it and driven passed it hundreds of times, but at the time it never seemed right.
For 7 years this property was for sale,  SEVEN !!
We honestly can’t help but feel like God was holding onto it just for us.

The deal finally went through in April, and we have been busy clearing the land.
We go there almost everyday  ( you may have seen my snap chats —  ((@Whtdrmsmaybcome )) of us exploring around etc… – well that’s our property ! )
We are currently working with a designer ( GM drafting ) , drawing up house plans,  etc .. and are hoping to start building in Fall.
And now,  if you think building a house when you have 5 little ones is crazy, — you’re probably right !
But clearly this is just how we roll ! bahaha

I’ll definitely be blogging our journey and all the details and things and tips I learn along the way.
Until then, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be on Pinterest!

XO, Michele

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