Cove and Meadow’s First Birthday

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It felt so crazy just celebrating Meadow on the 5th. Because Cove was born only a minute after midnight the next day, it really did feel like it was both their birthdays.. But it wasn’t and it actually was pretty special for them to each have their own special day and I think moving forward they will love this growing up. Meadow absolutely LOVED her special day, like seriously she knew it was her Birthday. She has been our super serious baby since the moment she was born, but ever since her special day she honestly has been a different woman ! Maybe she’s just growing up, I dunno — but regardless the change is so cute!

The next day we celebrated Cove’s Birthday, moved the Birthday door, sang the Happy Birthday song for the 10th time.. Fa la la la la !
It was a non – stop party for two full days. ( the older ones loved it )

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Some of you have asked about how to make the birthday door – It’s so easy, take a wide piece of ribbon, cut fabric into long strips and sew onto thick piece of ribbon. Attach to the top of the door and voila!
That’s all!

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Meadow is born on Cinco De Mayo so OBV we had a taco night ( I feel this becoming a tradition. )

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I was super torn on what to do for twins Birthday Party… I felt like I kinda wanted to keep it small, not spend a ton of money, etc.. ya know.
But then a neat opportunity came up at our local mall to use their empty retail space. The best part, it’s FREE! It was so awesome not having it in our house ( I think I’m still recuperating from Harlan’s Birthday 😉

What dreams may become_0687I knew I wanted the theme of their party to follow suit with their names.. I came across wildflower cookies on Pinterest and the rest is history!  All the greenery and some of the flowers is from around where we live.
What dreams may become_0688What dreams may become_0689What dreams may become_0690What dreams may become_0691What dreams may become_0692What dreams may become_0693What dreams may become_0694As ” goodie bags ” Each kid got to take a little pot of flowers and a package of seeds home. What dreams may become_0695What dreams may become_0696What dreams may become_0697What dreams may become_0698What dreams may become_0704What dreams may become_0700What dreams may become_0701What dreams may become_0702What dreams may become_0703What dreams may become_0705What dreams may become_0706What dreams may become_0707Cove’s face, I can’t even.

What dreams may become_0708Happy Birthday my sweet little gifts!
What a year.
So beyond grateful that God gave us two.

* In lieu of gifts we decided to donate the twins party to this local family with twins. 


     Cake and Macaroons: Reddy Made Cakes

Cookies: Pam’s Cookies
Wooden name banner: Sprig and West
Meadow’s dress: Wrare Doll
Cove’s outfit: Zara
Twins Moccs: Minimoc
Venue: Highstreet