Easy- Breezy Black Forest Cake

Ok you guys, I have the best black forest cake recipe for you! My girlfriends Grandma always made this, and you and I both know that as soon as you see the words ” Grandma ” and, ” recipe” – it’s gonna be good !

I haven’t made one of my kids birthday cakes ever since Levi’s first Birthday. It’s one of those things I’ve realized kiiinda falls along the lines of ” Do what you do best and hire out the rest. ” Plus, by the time I bought 6 bags of icing sugar, 2 pounds of better, cooking gadgets and gizmos of plenty ( name that movie ) I was into it for $150, 12 hours and it just never looked right anyways.

But yesterday as I walked through the baking isle it was like the can of cherries lit-up right in front of me and told me to ” just go for it !
When Dion came home from school today he said, ” You made a cake!! For me!? ” The smile and excitement on his face was worth it, and I know it made him feel special.

Besides the cake baking in the oven and cooling, it honestly took 20- 30 minutes, so here it is:

Easy – Breezy black forest cake:

2 packages of chocolate boxed cake
1 can of cherry pie filling
1 tin of chocolate icing
1 500ml of whipping cream + 1 tbsp sugar
1 Skor bar ( broken into pieces )
* You can totally be more legit here and make the cake and icing from scratch, that’s what the original recipe calls for… buuuttt ;0

Make cake according to package. Place in two same sized cake pans ( I used a 6″ by 3″ deep pan ) Link HERE
(There will be leftover batter, I just made some additional cupcakes.)
Let cool ( For a long time )
Slice each in in half, and place on cake stand. Start layering cake and in between each layer place chocolate icing and canned cherries on top ( Don’t do too many or it may leak out the sides )
Make the whipping cream:
Place the bowl and whisk in fridge
once cool, place 1 cup of whipping cream and 1 tbsp of sugar in mixer and literally, let er rip!
(I mixed it until it was pretty stiff so I could ice it properly )
I found a great tutorial for icing a naked cake HERE
Once it’s done, place crumbled skor bar bits on top and ENJOY!
( I’ve shown what it looks like with and without the skor bits, depends on the look your you’re goin for )
Any questions, send me an email friends ! XO, Michele




” Birthday Boy” cake topper from Heather and Gem party shop