Fall and all it’s glitter

I’m jumping on here very quickly to tell you guys about a cute little craft I did with my kiddos yesterday.
Yesterday was a beautiful Fall day, and on our way home from school I told the kids to do a hunt for the most beautiful leaves they could find. We came home with quite a stash, and I had the idea to add glitter to them. Because glitter on anything is kinda everything, am I right !?
We ended up doing a ton and the kids had more fun than I even thought they would. Let’s face it, it’s messy. But nothing that a quick vacuum doesn’t cure. Here is a quick run down of how we did them:

What you will need:
* Fresh leaves ( I wouldn’t use the ones that are all dried up, because they crumble )
* Liquid white glue and or rubber cement
* Glitter

The kids would shake the sparkles over the newly decorated leaves and we layed them out to dry. I let the kids kinda go wild and do their own thing, and I just love how they turned out! Harlan is only 3 and was totally able to so this on her own ( The rubber cement was a little easier for her to use )
If you do these, let me know how they turned out or tag me in your pics.

XO, Michele



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