Boys Bathroom


Hand soap and lotion from The Laundress








I’m finally getting around to sharing the boys bathroom. This room has been about 80% done for the last two years, so it feels good to finally get it all buttoned up.
Our house felt like a blank canvas when we moved in, and there was so many rooms / spaces that needed to be done that I started to feel overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. So now I’ve started to do one room at a time and that’s really helped.. Plus, I don’t know about you guys.. but with all this mandatory time at home, I’m really happy to finally have time to wrap up some house things.

I had a really good vision for this space and how I wanted the boys bathroom to look while we were designing the house.  I wanted it to feel masculine and a bit more modern.. but suit their ages as well. The boys are now eleven and nine and wanting to have areas in our home that feel their own.
Some things that they love is the tray in the middle. It has some special things like a candle, gem stones and little spritz’s from K’Pure   
I also added a clock so they can see the time in the morning and stay on track.

Another thing I did was let them choose art work for each of their sides of the bathroom from Minted
It was so cute to see what they picked and how they connected to each piece. Levi is really fascinated about trees (he even wrote his speech on trees this year) and he chops and sells firewood at our little roadside stand.
Dion really connected to a piece of art called “Beneath the layers” I was a little more surprised at his choice, but told myself I would let go of all control on this one. When I had a closer look at it, it really did suit him. He’s  a lot like me. A lot of layers you have to uncover to get to him and understand him.

I may still change a few things up, like the wall behind the toilet.. But it sure does feel nice to have a space look put-together and functioning well. Plus the boys love it, so it a win-win!

Hope you’re all hanging in during this crazy time. Hugs and love to you all,

Michele xx

*Art pieces were gifted from Minted but the thoughts and input are all mine*