Master Bedroom sneak peek with Magic Linen






Pictured on our bed:
Ruffle Duvet
Ruffle bed skirt (sold out!)
Mermaid pillow cases
Ruffle-trim bed runner (also sold out, but they have new items available!)


Our Master Bedroom is one of my favourite spaces in our home. We designed it with elevated ceilings and there is constant light that shines-in throughout the whole day.

Our bedding needed a little refresh, so when Magic Linen reached out to work together, their timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We’ve had it their bedding now for over 6 weeks and honestly, I’m obsessed. The quality is unreal, every time I wash it, it just gets softer and softer. Everything is handmade from quality European flax and stone washed for maximum softness.

Their attention to detail, and all the variations they carry from more whimsy (dang their mermaid pillows have my whole heart) to simple and classic.

Not only do they carry bedding; but kitchen & table linens, bathroom linens, clothing, curtains, yada yada yada… Such a great one stop shop for the magic of linen.
Anyways.. I hope you guys know I don’t share things here unless I really love them, and that I do!

Love and light,