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I’m so excited to be sharing with ya’ll my love for Love Child Organics ! I came across their company from friends who were telling me how amazing it was, and since my life is pretty much, ” ain’t got time for that ” I knew it was perfect for me ! But no matter how busy I am, what my kids eat is something that has always been really important to me. I often think about food and how my babies and little ones are taking that and using it to nourish their minds and grow their little bodies, so it’s not something I’m willing to slack on. Each kid I’ve attempted to make baby food — froze oodles of food in freezer trays, only to dump it out months later because they didn’t like it. I feel pretty capable of many things, but clearly baby food makin is not one of my gifts ! bahha!
Love child organics snacks, purees, etc have no fillers, essentially, no crap. // they’re ethically sourced and jam – packed with super foods, plus they give back to the community. These things matter and my goodness, everything tastes amazing to boot.

I keep the snacks in my car and purse as a go – to while I’m out and about and I can’t tell you how many times it’s saved me in the check out isle when things start going sideways. Harlan loves their purees the twins love the love ducks and my boys ( and I 😉 ) love their owlies cookies
If I don’t have time to get to a store I simply order them off amazon , and boom within days they’re at my door.

— This post is sponsored but the words, thoughts and feeling are all mine. I would and could never share something with you all that I didn’t truly believe in, I hope you know that!

Have a good week friends !
XO, the Phillys