Kitty Party { Harlan’s 4th Birthday }

We celebrated Harlan’s Birthday last week with her little friends. Me and Steve laughed that she’s been planning and waiting for this day for months and months. She was literally buzzing with joy and definitely gobbled up all the attention of her special day. She loves cats so I rolled with that, kept it simple and really didn’t know or have a vision for how it would look except for a few inspo’s on PinterestI bought a bag of balloons blew them up, used glitter paper for the ears and Steve ( at 10:00 at night -sorry honey !!) drew on the little faces. We stuck them and the M E O W balloons on with washi tape and it worked great. I borrowed some decor from a girlfriend to put the cookies and cake on,  etc.
The table cloth is a tapestry from HERE.  The one I have isn’t online anymore but the one I linked is next on my wish list and on sale ! The tapestries are AMAZING. I have a few now and absolutely love them for parties, etc. because they look unique, are big and thick  and come in tons of different colours so you can coordinate with your party decor. 


I got the cake and cookies made by The Cake Mama and they were AMAZING!!! I’m pretty picky about my sugar cookies ( it’s all about the icing ! ) And the fact that they looked so darn cute is literally – icing on the cake bahhaa!

I picked up donuts from Tim Hortons ( this is my new thing lately for parties ) It’s cheap, they look cute and the kids love em. Plus I can roll in through the drive through and not have to unload or load 5 kids –  so that in itself .. I mean…

I made these little kitty floral crowns and it was super easy. I ordered the headbands from HERE and bought some fake flowers HERE. I hot glued them on and the girls all loved wearing them. It also made for a cute little gift to take home and use again, which I love.

Food for our baby friends by Love Child Organics 

I had posted photo/video of me face painting the kids one snowy day and a sweet follower messaged me saying she was a local face painter.  I immediately booked her and was so thankful she told me because she is SO great with  the kids and even had jewels and glitter which the kids thought was pretty darn awesome. You can find her on IG: @rainbowfaces33

Our family loves essential oils ( long before they were cool hahaha!! ) and I’ve been really inspired to have goodie bags / things for the kids to take home that aren’t just gonna land in the garbage an hour later. My girlfriend Joni got me hooked on these amazing roller balls that you add oils and fractionated coconut oil to –  to make beautiful perfume smells. The kids loved it and I had a bunch of extras so even the mamas got to make and take one for their purse.
Side note: I also found these little perfume spray bottles and added water and essential oils to make a different kind of spray- it worked well too.
She helped guide us and the kids with different blends –
You can find her on IG @Lemonplusgrass

Happy fourth Birthday baby girl! You came into our lives like a ray of sunshine and we haven’t stopped smiling since!