So long Summer

Technically speaking summer isn’t over, but today,  it sure feels like it is. When I look out the window the leaves on the  trees have turned red and yellow, fallen off and now lay scattered all beneath them  and I know,” Summer”, that word that reminds us all of feeling young, of  sun, warmth, vacations, and good ol times….. is “ovah.”  Aww heck, I’m sure we will have many sunny days ahead of us, but let’s be honest,  it just ain’t gonna be the same.

In some regards, I’m darn right happy it’s over. My husband is back to normal working hours, we cook and eat dinner together,  he plays with the kids, helps out around the house when needed, and to be honest now that he’s “back”  I don’t know how I did it all without him. But I did. I survived, with only one major meltdown on my part, when once again, I got super sick, and so did the kids. And surely I do know that tough times in life only make you stronger, and I’m proud that I did and could do it all on my own. Although, my sister told me today that I looked too skinny and ” what’s up with that?”  I had no idea what she was talking about, and thought she was being crazy. But once she left,  I hopped on the scale and eek, maybe she was right. I guess that’s what happens when you are trying to be the best : Wife, Mama, house cleaner, chef, gardener, and all things that fall in – between.

But, me and the kids, we sure had fun. I crossed a lot of things off my 101 in 1001 ( which I plan on updating shortly ) We made sweet memories, and I just kept thinking to myself how thankful I was that , A: I wasn’t pregnant this time and,  B : That I found a great babysitter that just happens to live right next door.

I have many photos of this summer but here are a few that really sum it all up : Traditional summer things, and lotsa time with just me and my little boys ( it doesn’t get much better than that )


So goodbye summer, we sure had fun. Looking forward to decorating for fall this afternoon, lighting candles, turning on the fire,  kids Birthdays – and when I mean “kids” I mean my kids and  5 other of my our friends, kids, birthdays! ( I feel overwhelmed just writing that! )

Cheers to Fall, and all the happy, cozy things it brings.