Tack Room

{This post is sponsored by Lowes Canada, but the thoughts and opinions are my very own.}

I am so excited to share this most recent project with you guys!
I have always, I mean literally always dreamed of having a horse since I was a very little girl. Every birthday when I blew out my candles, every wish upon a star moment.. It was all I ever wanted. But horse’s are expensive and require a lot of well… everything.. so it wasn’t until I was 21 and could finally make that dream come true myself. I owned my horse for 3 years until I got pregnant with Levi and then so on and so on.. 😉 So I took a 12 year hiatus and focused on being a Mom to my little ones.
When we bought our property, I knew it would eventually allow me to dive into it again. So here we are with two ponies and little ones who gratefully, also enjoy riding.
Last year, Steve built me my little barn-

It has worked out so well for our horse’s (and chickens!) Last year I posted about how to make this cute little window box with scalloped edges HERE

Anyways, like I always say, these things just.take.time so when the opportunity came up to work with Lowes Canada and finish our little tack room I was in!
Here’s a little peek at what it looked like before:

Like oh my. Pure chaos. I knew we could not function properly like this for much longer. I need organization in my life!

Steve started by framing, running electrical and insulating the whole thing (Tack rooms need heat or your tack will mold).

Next we added white shiplap panel moldings and baseboards to the walls then drywall boards to the ceiling (which then got mudded and painted)

One of many trips to Lowes 😉
Levi was a great help!!!

Everything got touched up and repainted and I LOVE this affordable grey vinyl plank flooring.
Steve said it was a breeze to put in. We needed something hardy, that could also withstand a little bit of moisture so it was perfect.

Steve made these shelves himself and like I have mentioned before- he kinda just does things because he has such a gift for building things, but I have picked his brain on how exactly he made these so here it is:
He used a 1×6’s of wood and cut them to sizing. Then screwed on the back (wall) part onto the wall.
Next he made the shelf by using a 1×6 piece again and cutting it to size. and then he tack nailed it to the bottom “plate”
Next he made the corbels by using the leftover pieces of 1×6’s and then sketched / pencilled out a design he liked. He cut that to shape with his jig saw then used a router to make the outside edges round. From the shelf side down he drilled two pilot holes Then screwed the top piece to the corbel. He used pre made dowel hooks and just spaced out and attached them to the wall piece.

Now for the fun part.. Decorating it!

I was back and forth as to what kind of light to get and I ended up going with this super simple semi flush farmhouse light.
I just love the look of it and the price ain’t bad either!
This little fireplace cozies up the space so well. t’s tiny but puts out a lot of heat and I just love the look of it in here.

I wanted the tack room to be cozy, well styled and obviously function well. Under the bench is a ton of storage where I have extra saddle pads, horse boots and spare tack. Because we also have our chicken coop attached to the barn, I needed it to host some of my chicken stuff too. I have jars of chicken scratch, the little herb basket ( I use dried herbs in my nesting boxes)

This is our kids favourite chicken, Emerald. She doesn’t lay eggs, thinks she’s a lap cat… and literally just sat/ stayed here the entire time I took photos – hah!

Lots of tack storage

I added this little pin board to one of the walls so that we could add inspiration, reminder notes, accomplishments, etc..

Loving neck scarves for showing

SOOO Obsessed with Lowe’s unglazed terracotta pots

These linen curtains were a last minute add butI love how they cozied up the whole room

So this last little detail is so special to me.. I grew up reading every single one of the Saddle Club Books. Reading has always been something I love and enjoy, as well as a great escape from all the outside noise life can bring.
In the books, every time they went out for a ride they would touch the lucky horse shoe. It was something that would be mentioned in every book. As we were clearing this side area, Steve stumbled upon this horse shoe (and many more since) I have held onto it knowing that one day it would have a special place in my barn.

I am so happy to have this project complete and a special thanks to my handy hubby and Lowes Canada
I couldn’t have done it without you!

Never stop dreaming friends
XO, Michele