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After Christmas, amongst the dreariness of the long winter around here, I always look forward to Harlan’s Birthday. Ever since she was born, her Birthday has always signified that spring is just around the corner…

Harlan is five now, and such a little mini me. We really had so much fun planning her little party together. She loves rainbows, unicorns and cats – not much has changed over the years… You can see her previous birthdays- FIRST/ /THIRD >/FOURTH
As some of you may know, we built our house last year and have been in for 5 months now. We made a bonus or ” flex ” room that is used as my studio, dining room and works great for a little party room.

If you ever met Harlan, you would see she has this endearing little soul. Her heart of Gold truly makes me want to work at being better myself. So we went with that, and added gold..- of course!

I found this unicorn munch recipe on Pinterest, of course, but made as few changes.
It was SO easy and a hit with all the kids ( and adults ) Here it is:

Lucky charms Cereal 4 cups
Chex Cereal 2 cups
fruit loops 1 CUP
White Chocolate 2 packages
Coconut oil 3 TBSP
Sprinkles ( DESIRED AMOUNT )

Place all cereal into a large bowl.
Melt coconut oil and chocolate chips on low in saucepan until melted. Pour over cereal and mix gently. Place onto lined cookie sheets and shake sprinkles over ( We use local company Dainty Sprinkle )
Leave in fridge until you’re ready to use the mix, it softens easily and becomes sticky, otherwise.

The cake and cookies were made by the amazingly talented Mama @Vanillabean.homebakery
When she came to drop them off, I knew instantly- I dig this chick. She recently just moved here from out of town and I feel lucky to have snagged her talent before she gets too booked-up.
Everything tasted so good and I’m pretty much obsessed with her Insta how-to stories.
Give her some love <3

We also had some bags of cotton candy created by @Soulsugar.co, created in the same colour scheme of her party ( Pastel tones of the colour of the rainbow ) Some went up on the cake. Definitely a hit with the kiddos

We hired Lisa again this year from Rainbow Faces ( cuz she’s amazing ) and the kids loved it.

This was my first time doing a balloon garland and it was easier than I thought it would be. All I did was google” balloon garland ” and boom- tons of tutorials ( Thank goodness because me trying to explain it …yelp.


Harlan wanted to make perfume again this year. We used essential oils from my bestie @Flourishessentials and these bottles HERE and it also gave the kids something to take home in their good bag ( instead of candy etc… Because I know the last thing I want after my kid has been at a party, is more candy.

I wanted to incorporate something meaningful, so I came up with the idea to read aloud the kids a story ( The velveteen rabbit ) I gave each of them a heart to hold and whenever they heard something sad in the story they were to fold or bend the paper. By the end of the story I asked them to take their heart and try to flatten out all the bends it had now, to make it new. Of course they couldn’t – it was a good metaphor for how words can hurt us, and although we can heal and move passed these things, that bend will forever be there in our hearts.
Over their heads- probably… But I tried 😉

Thank you for your support and making this blog possible. Sharing this post means oh so much
xo, Michele

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