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  • Home For Dinner

     Ever since we put in the garden,  I’ve been dreaming of having a long table dinner in and amongst it. Our garden at the time, was peaking in flowers and veggies, the sun wasn’t too hot and days felt just right. So I managed to sneak in a sort of last minute dinner with friends. I’ve found that sometimes, last…

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    Summer Solstice Party

    At the end of June, right after the kids finished school, we threw a summer solstice party with our friends. It’s a special group that started years ago when we were young, and the only ones with babies at the time. I’m sure most of you would agree that sometimes Motherhood can feel isolating if you don’t have anyone to…

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    Heart Of Gold

    | GOLD Leotard | TUTU ( I made them, but found them HERE online | Floral crown |TABLE CLOTH| After Christmas, amongst the dreariness of the long winter around here, I always look forward to Harlan’s Birthday. Ever since she was born, her Birthday has always signified that spring is just around the corner… Harlan is five now, and such…


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    Christmas at the Philly Farm

    Hard to believe we’ve been in our house for 3 months now.. We still have lots of little projects to to do, including unpacking boxes ( seriously,  I should have set a bit more realistic expectations on that one.. 😉 But one of the things I’ve been looking forward to is decorating for Christmas. With our wood burning fire etc,…

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    Back To School

    September for me has always felt like the beginning of a new year, even more than January does.. A fresh start. But the last two.. ok, maybe even 3 years have been a blur trying to keep my head above the water… Living it, I don’t think I really realized until now.. But when I look back it’s kinda like…

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